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Specializing in conventional and renewable power plants, energy storage solutions, and cutting-edge hybrid power plants, Woltia stands at the forefront of delivering a seamless and sustainable approach to power generation. Our expertise extends across the spectrum, offering tailored solutions that harness clean and cost-effective energy through efficient hybrid solutions with conventional power balancing and availability. At Woltia, we pave the way for a dynamic and interconnected energy landscape, providing our clients with innovative and reliable solutions aimed at redefining the future of power generation.

Consultation and Modelling

We determine the optimal energy solution by meticulously modeling your project’s current and future generation portfolio before delving into development and technology selection. Our approach involves creating models and simulating scenarios tailored to your industry needs, optimizing resources collaboratively across your market. Woltia offers services encompassing portfolio selection, dynamic modeling, power forecasting, portfolio and risk management, as well as the optimization of operational performance and efficiency throughout the facility’s lifetime. At Woltia, we ensure that your future power generation aligns with the right social and economic solutions for your power needs—today and, most importantly, tomorrow as well.

  • LCOE Calculations
  • Power Forecasting
  • Short-Term Capacity Planning
  • Hybrid Portfolio Development
  • Fuel Modeling and Risks
  • Electrical Modeling Studies
  • Market Simulations
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Analytics Consulting Services
  • PPA Analytics
  • Management and Process Solutions
  • Modes of Operation
Development & Integration

At Woltia, our commitment goes beyond providing solutions for OEM and balance of plant integration; we tailor project development to specifically meet unique contractual needs, including power purchase agreements, engineering, operation and maintenance, fuel agreements, and risk allocation. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients, understanding their requirements and customizing every aspect of the project—from equipment integration to engineering and contract consulting. This personalized approach ensures that your power plant not only meets industry standards but is optimized to perform at its best, delivering efficiency and reliability tailored to your specifications.

  • PPA Anatomy and Stakeholders: Buyer, Seller, Government, Lenders
  • Risk Allocation
  • Contracts Negotiations
  • Project Financing and Alternatives to Project Finance
  • Equipment Optimization and Integration: OEM/BoP + EPC + LifeCycle
Renewable and Conventional Energy Solutions

Our renewable energy expertise extends to solar, wind, hydropower, energy storage solutions, ensuring that you embrace cleaner and reliable energy sources.

  • Renewable Power Plants: wind, solar, hydro
  • Conventional Power Plants: Fossil & Renewable Fuel
  • Energy Storage Plants: BSEE, Pump Hydro, and Thermal 
  • Hybrid Power Plants
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Balance of Plant 
  • LNG Terminals
EPC Services

WOLTIA is your partner at every stage of your project, providing consultancy, design, procurement, and comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services. We integrate the best power solution for your project.

  • Owners Engineering
  • E&P = Engineering and Procurement
  • EPM Simple: Engineering + Primary Mover’s Equipment
  • EPM Extended: Engineering + Primary Mover’s + BoP Equipment
  • EPCS = Engineering + Procurement + Construction Supervision
  • EPCM = Engineering + Procurement + Construction Management
  • EPC = Engineering + Procurement + Construction

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